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Smart Approach to Cultivating Mushroom

Staying on top of different processes can be daunting in Mushroom Farming, but our technology is here to make farmers’ lives a whole lot easier. Discover the benefits of quickly and efficiently taking control of your production with JAYAA AGRO FOODS.



Smart & Unique Portable Mushroom Cultivation unit

•Design and Operation, Economical in Cost
•Light Weight, Easy to Assemble & Dismantle
•Maintaining growth parameters with great precision
•Highly efficient water management system to prevent water wastage
•Easy to manage the entire setup on Day to Day Basis
•Less utilization of energy hence minimizes your daily operational cost
•High Yielding and commercially efficient
•First ever mushroom cultivation unit which can be used on Terrace, inside your room in your garden with same efficiency and result
•Does not cause contamination while using structure even inside your home
•100% safety while using the system
•Can be transported to any part of the country
•Excellent System to work and learn Mushroom cultivation as a hobbyist or commercial cultivation
•Customization as per the requirement of the customer



Low cost, highly efficient system

We have designed Steaming setup, both horizontal & vertical type which reduces energy wastage and does complete substrate sterilization in a highly efficient manner. Easy to handle and can be run on any type of energy such as LPG, Pellet fuel, Injection fuel technology & so on. Minimizes risk of contamination by more than 99%. We offer customized design based on growers requirements.



Highly efficient Make in India model

·CentriFog Humidifier (Latest Centrifugal Humidifier) is most versatile and complete industrial humidifier.

·This humidifier ensures droplet free humidification.

·Entire design, fabrication, materials and parts used are Made in India.

·Typical applications include usage in Mushroom Farming & storing all types of fruits & Vegetables like potato, Carrots, banana, Chilies, apples etc.

·The atmosphere inside the room/chamber remains moist and does not dry up.

·It injects minute particle of fog (5-10 microns) which can help the humidifier to increase the humidity in room by >90%.

·The humidifier ensures freshness is retained in fruits /Vegetables stores inside by maintaining the correct moisture balance.

Due to innovative design the CentriFog Humidifier can generate fog both horizontally and vertically as desired by users. You can also connect it to a humidistat or humidity controller.

We also manufacture & supply humidity Controllers to help the user maintain the required humidity easily.

This CentriFog Humidifier is “plug-and-play” device and does not require compressed air or water pressure pumps for its working.  Simply plug into Socket and Connect the water line to humidifiers inbuilt float System. That’s all………!!!!!

 The machine starts working instantly.

CentriFog Humidifier is undoubtedly the best cool mist, spot humidifier made in India.

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